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This privacy statement is provided in compliance with article 13 of DL 196 of 30 June 2003 . The data you provide will be handled by "La Chicca Hotel " exclusively for the purposes related to distributing the requested product or service and for no other purpose. All suitable security measures will be adopted to guarantee the confidentiality and integrity of the data in accordance with the current laws regarding the protection of personal data. The data you provide will not be divulged or transferred to third parties, with the exception of communication or distribution of data requested, in compliance with the law, by the police, judicial authorities, information and security agencies or other public entities for the purposes of defence and security of the Country, or the prevention, investigation or suppression of crimes. The manager of the data is Sig, Maria Giandolfo. As the Interested Party, you may exercise the rights granted you under article 7 of DL 196/2003 at any time. Providing your data is optional, but refusal to do so may make it impossible to fulfil your request.